All my interfaces

The smoother the processes in the agency, the better the performance. Each tool used for this purpose is only as good as the interfaces in the IT architecture allow. In LEADING Job, a large number of connections are already configured so that all the apps and systems you use work optimally with each other.


We often receive enquiries as to whether this software can be integrated into LEADING Job, whether this particular data can be imported or how our agency software is able to interact with the existing IT landscape. The answer in almost all cases is: YES, we can. And YES, there are already established interfaces to the most common programs used in agencies. So that you don't have to search any longer, we have summarized our interface architecture for you here.

Why do we need interfaces at all? Shouldn't an industry software be all-in-one and really cover all IT needs of an agency? We say no. LEADING Job can do a lot, but not everything. And we don't have to, as long as the data exchange between the systems you use works. If there are already interfaces implemented for your case, you can read here, thematically bundled.
And if your interface is not yet listed, just contact us.
 We can certainly build on an existing, similar solution as a shortcut and supplement it for you.


Data import in LEADING Job

  • General master data: adresses, customer data, supplier data, service types, employee data, holiday calendar, ...
  • Accounting master data: creditors, debtors, bank accounts, G/L accounts...
  • Jobs & services: Here you can import data from other tools, which should be charged in LEADING Job:
 Services from other ERP systems, e.g. used material, monthly costs from license management, hosting services (GB, clicks or downloads), postage costs, travel costs......
  • Currency rates imported on a daily basis
  • Kofax: OCR data from scanned purchase orders and supplier invoices

  • JIRA: External time recording with access to jobs, tickets and automatic presence tracking

  • Confluence: Project documentation

  • Active Directory: Authentification data (login, passwords) with LDAP & AD

  • Okta: Employee identity management via app with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Data export from LEADING Job

Interfaces are not a one-way street: importing data from many systems to LEADING Job is one thing, the other is the equally numerous options for exporting data.


Reports can be exported as HTML, Excel or PDF.


Do you use cost accounting/client profitability in your agency? There are already implemented interfaces for the most common costing programs:

  • Abakus
  • Carthesis
  • Datev
  • Hyperion
  • Qualiant Costing
  • Oracle Financials
  • Sun
  • Scala
  • Volz


No matter with which accounting software you or your tax consultant work, we most likely already have the suitable interface! LEADING Job already has over 25 ready implemented connections for the export of accounting data:

  • BMD
  • Concord
  • Datalog
  • Datev
  • Diamant
  • Eurofib
  • Iris
  • Sage
  • Mastererfinanz
  • MBS
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision)
  • NMA
  • Nucleus
  • Oracle Financials
  • RisNet
  • RZL
  • Sage
  • SAP
  • Scala
  • Singer
  • Spin
  • Symfonia
  • Varial
  • Wizz


Electronic invoices are already mandatory in many areas. We work with the e-invoice standards provided for this purpose by the tax offices of the respective countries.

  • Thungsten/OB 10
  • ebInterface (A)
  • ZUGFeRD (D)
  • eSLOG (SI)
  • NAVexport (HU)

Client & supplier documents

With interfaces to Microsoft Dynmics (Navision), Oracle Financials and D3, there are already export options for business-relevant documents from clients and suppliers that you work with in LEADING Job.

Business Intelligence

For agency managers at team level as well as at C-level, it is important to check the agency's KPIs easily and on a daily basis. With the existing interfaces to business intelligence software from the most important providers, this is no problem:

  • Adverity
  • Jedox
  • Power BI
  • Oracle BI
  • Crystal Reports & Business Objects


LEADING Job is equipped for connection to your e-mail program via SMTP, POP and IMAP.


The world's leading provider "Oracle" has already been mentioned several times in the listing of the various interfaces. LEADING Job is based on the robust and completely open technology of Oracle databases. This means that openness is already anchored in our technology stack from the bottom up.


Data from LEADING Job can be accessed via Oracle APIs using many methods, languages and tools from third-party software:

  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Trigger
  • Procedural
  • Oracle Loader
  • SQL*Plus
  • SQL*Developer
  • SQL*Export
  • Discoverer
  • JDBC
  • REST


With Apex, Oracle offers all users interested in self-programming a low-code environment to write their own programs. This means that LEADING Job can be supplemented by completely individual functions on one's own initiative.

BI/MIS/Data Warehouse

Independently from LEADING Job, Oracle itself provides the possibility to provide daily updated evaluations of agency KPIs with Business Intelligence Software (BI) and Management Information Systems (MIS), own data warehouses serve for collected data storage.

  • Oracle BI
  • Power BI
  • SAP BI
  • Business Objects
  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Info
  • Cron Jobs