Help yourself: Integrated document management

In LEADING Job, project team members can access all files at any time and from any location: From website drafts to packaging samples, from logo scribble to final artwork, from moodboard to award submission, the document container makes it easy to manage all file formats involved in the design process.


The challenge: Every project in design agencies includes countless photos, graphics, videos or audio files. All employees should have access to the relevant files at every point of the project. No matter if in the office, on the road or at home.

The solution: In LEADING Job each project has its own container for all kinds of documents. All employees, whether freelancers or permanent designers, can work from anywhere via the cloud.


The heart of a design agency lies in the creativity of its employees. An agency software for design agencies should reflect exactly that: LEADING Job focuses on the smooth integration of all visual and auditory elements necessary for a design project into the agency's processes.

The document container from LEADING Job can not only be used to smoothly manage incoming and outgoing invoices. It is especially important for freelancers to share and access their graphic designs from anywhere. No matter whether the laptop is located on the desk at home, on the terrace of the favourite café or in the office. This way you can work wherever you are, always up to date.

Just imagine: You put the newly completed website design into the document management of LEADING Job and get immediate feedback from your colleagues. You incorporate all suggestions for improvement and can present the two final layouts directly to the customer for selection and approval. Access to the files can be granted to anyone assigned to the project. All file formats are possible. This makes mobile work easy.