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Tutorial: easily keep an eye on staff workload

See how easy and intuitive it is to monitor staff workload and task allocation with LEADING Job agency software.


Length of tutorial: 8 clicks

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    Select "Employee Workload" under "Project Management" in the left menu bar.
    The weekly working time of every employee is recorded in LEADING Job agency software.

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    Initially, only the people working on your projects are displayed, meaning you only see relevant data.
    Here, the workload of three colleagues over the next ten months is shown.
    By clicking on "Show all employees" you can access the data for all the employees at the company.

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    You can now see the workload for all employees, including those who are not working on the same projects as you.
    Now select the weekly rather than the monthly display option.

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    You can now see the weekly workload.
    Click to extend the overview period further into the future.
    This is all accessible within just a few seconds, as LEADING Job is constantly recalculating the information automatically in the background.
    You will see the consequences of newly allocated tasks or changes to planned task durations here immediately.

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    This ensures you can identify resource bottlenecks months in advance.
    Here we can see the expert Cliff Edwards is already at full capacity during most of the weeks ahead.
    However, he sometimes has free capacity and his services could be offered to your clients in these weeks.

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    This is how the information is calculated: if an employee with a 40-hour week is allocated tasks which are expected to take 44 hours to complete, the workload is displayed as 110%. Extremely high percentages like 2,000% mean that an employee has been assigned an unrealistic number of tasks. There could be organisational reasons for this:
    for example new tasks are often initially allocated to team leaders, to be delegated to others.

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    Based on his or her experience, the team leader decides how to allocate these tasks depending on requirements and status, and in doing so determines the workload.
    LEADING Job also provides you with up-to-date task lists for all employees.
    The task lists can be viewed and changed with a single mouse click.

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    If tasks cannot be rescheduled, they can be allocated to other employees who are free to complete them.
    When you make such a changes, the workload for both employees is updated instantly.
    As a team leader, this means you are able to optimally allocate tasks between the members of your team.

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HOW-TO-Video: Monitor employee workload and task assignment (45 seconds)

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