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Tutorial: share Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

It's easy to share a Google document with all the members of a project team – find out here how to do it using LEADING Job agency software.


Length of tutorial: 8 clicks

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    You want to give other people involved in a project access to a text document or a calculation,
    so they can then open and edit the document.
    To begin with, create a new message.

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    For this example, write "This is my spreadsheet"
    Now highlight the word "spreadsheet" with the mouse.

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    First, copy the link to the Google document from your browser address bar, using Ctrl/Cmd + C.
    Click on the chain icon (see mouse pointer in screenshot) to attach the link to the highlighted word in your text.

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    Paste in the link to your Google Doc using Ctrl/Cmd + V, so that your highlighted word will link to the document.
    Now click on OK to save the link.

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    Now save the message with one click.

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    Thanks to the coloured text, recipients of your message will know that the word contains a link to your document.

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    The linked document can be opened with one click.


    Tip: if you use the right mouse button to click on the link, you can choose to open the document on its own page (in a new tab).

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    Now the selected document – in our example a spreadsheet – is open in front of you.
    If the author of the document has granted permission, you can make changes or additions that will be seen by all members of the team as soon as you make them.

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HOW-TO-Video: share Google Docs with others (40 seconds)

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