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Configuration and pricing info

As well as an illustrative pricing calculation, here you'll find the answers to frequently asked questions on the licensing model, technology and support.


We look forward to receiving your enquiry and will be happy to provide you with a price quote.

Pricing calculation: exampleauf-/zuklappen

How much does LEADING Job cost for a company with 15-20 staff?

An agency or start-up with around 15-20 staff wants to have the following licences in place:


  •   1 x FullUser for administration and billing
  •   3 x ProjectUser for consulting and project management
  • 10 x TimeSheetUser for other staff


The monthly costs in this case would amount to €258.


Looking at it another way:
Compare just a quarter of an hour saved each month per member of staff with costs of less than €19 per user – and the software is already paid for.


It is definitely more expensive to work without LEADING Job!

FAQs – licensing modelauf-/zuklappen

The most frequently asked questions on the LEADING Job licensing model

What are the costs for LEADING Job made up of?
The costs for LEADING Job are based on the number and type of licences actually used.


What different kinds of licence are there?
There are three different types of user licence to choose from: TimeSheet User, Project User and Full User.


What is a TimeSheetUser licence?
This licence is ideal for all staff that only use the software for time tracking.


What is a ProjectUser licence?
A ProjectUser uses the software's project and resource management features. They can manage tasks, communicate with others via forums and share documents. The TimeSheetUser licence is included as part of this licence.


What is a FullUser licence?
This licence offers access to all of the functions in LEADING Job, including administration, basic data, cost estimate management, job management, order management, incoming and outgoing invoices, reports and controlling features. All of the ProjectUser and TimeSheetUser features are included.


What is an AdditionalLegalEntity licence?
If you want to manage another legal entity using the same software, for example a subsidiary or sister company, you can use this licence.


If someone uses a desktop PC at work, and other computers while travelling or in their home office (PCs or laptops), how many licences do they need?
Just one licence.
With LEADING Job, you pay per user. Each of them can use the software on as many PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones as they like – even in parallel.


How many licences does someone need if they work on projects for more than one legal entity/company?
Just one licence.
With LEADING Job, you pay per user. Each user can use the software for as many different sister companies and subsidiaries as desired, without additional costs.


How much do additional modules cost?
With LEADING Job there are no charges for add-on modules or features.


How can I ensure that users only use a certain kind of licence?
With LEADING Job, users (or user groups) only have access to the features that they need. You decide centrally that, for example, certain staff have access to invoicing or basic data, while others do not.


What happens when more licences, or licences with access to more features than agreed in the contract are needed?
The costs increase. But when more users are added, the costs per licence usually fall.


What happens when fewer licences are needed than agreed in the contract?
The costs decrease.

FAQs – technologyauf-/zuklappen

Answers on IT costs, architecture and technology

What end user hardware is required to use LEADING Job?
LEADING Job runs on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and the latest versions of the most common web browsers are supported – it doesn't matter whether you use Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. Mobile versions are available for tablets and smartphones.


Do I need to already have a server, or get one?
Hosting in state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure is already provided for and included with LEADING Job.


What about data security?
The data centre we use and trust meets the very highest security standards and has all the necessary certifications. It is one of Europe's leading data centres in terms of technology and environmental friendliness.


Can the data centre's IT security be verified on-site?
In addition to the regular certification renewals, you can carry out IT and SOX audits with the operator of the data centre on-site, by prior arrangement.


How securely are active data stored?
Your active data are stored in a data centre in Germany, on at least three SSD storage systems simultaneously, to ensure redundancy.


Who takes care of backups?
The data centre creates daily backups going back 30 days, as well as monthly backups for the time before that. In addition, you have the option to download your own backups.


Where exactly in the cloud is the LEADING Job data located?
Your data in the cloud are stored exclusively in Germany and therefore, as recommended, within the EU. Your data never leave the EU.


How do I answer my clients' questions about the security of confidential client data?
You would need to make a seven-figure investment in order to have the same level of security that our certified data centre offers, in terms of a firewall, security, virus protection, disaster recovery, and stability, with a 24-hour, seven days a week hotline.

When it comes to your professional responsibility for your clients' data, the best option would be to switch to our cloud as soon as possible.


Do I have to use the cloud solution provided by Qualiant?
You can install LEADING Job software on any suitable server – in your company, in a data centre operated by an external provider or in your parent company.


What happens if I want to move data storage to somewhere else?
You can change your cloud provider at any time: Qualiant is happy to support you when migrating your data and then deleting it from the previous servers.

FAQs – installation and supportauf-/zuklappen

Questions on setting up LEADING Job agency software and support

What needs to be done to set up LEADING Job for use?
Following technical deployment of LEADING Job, we can immediately get started on planning, introducing the software to your company and training. Experienced staff from Qualiant will actively advise and support you in modelling your processes.


What do I need to think about if LEADING Job is replacing my old software?
Having worked with clients many times to fulfil this requirement, we have the relevant know-how – especially in terms of other technologies and procedures for migration. Depending on whether the old system was linked with bookkeeping, HR, reporting or other systems, these areas will be taken account of and included in implementation.


Qualiant can involve the respective solution providers in the process, using our expertise to work in direct contact with them. This means we can take care of almost all the necessary technical steps.


How does preparing for the changeover work?
Our experienced project team will prepare you in good time, using checklists covering all aspects of the migration.


What do I need to bear in mind if LEADING Job is the first professional, specialised software my company will use?
Many of our customers were using a range of inadequate or non-integrated tools before they introduced LEADING Job, with an application for clients and contact details, the calendar and tasks in Outlook, Google or iCloud, and project budgets and accounting put together using Microsoft Office products. Other tasks were handled using Microsoft Access or Filemaker solutions – often put together somehow by the clients themselves – that have long been overtaken by other technology. If the original developers of these isolated solutions are also no longer available, maintenance and smooth operation become increasingly problematic.

In such situations, we take the data from the most suitable sources, and reproduce all of the individual functions so that, as far as possible, the old tools are no longer needed. One of the most wonderful experiences you can have in software implementation is that moment of astonishment when individual bits of information are suddenly available wherever they are needed, and are combined in a rational way in one place.


How much does setting up LEADING Job cost?
As long as no unusual requirements come up, there are normally no extra costs for the basic setup. In most cases we can provide software deployment, training and configuration of your forms at no additional charge. As soon as you provide us with details of your specific situation, we can give you binding confirmation of this.


What can result in additional costs for setup?
If you have custom or special interfaces from or to systems provided by other suppliers, special processes, or your clients and suppliers are integrated into your electronic workflows, there could be additional costs. Drop us a line and ask us about your specific needs using the button at the bottom of this page.


How is the setup of LEADING Job documented?
Your future internal handbook for the software is put together based on our examples of use and the notes made during the setup process. This provides an ideal introduction for new members of staff, so they can get started with the most important day-to-day processes. It is completely tailored to your company.


Is there a user manual for LEADING Job?
Yes, there is a 750-page manual (available in German and in English) for you to use if you need it.


How do users of the software find out about new features?
Our support team actively informs users about new functions and features on an ongoing basis.


Can LEADING Job work in combination with our existing accounting software?
No problem: there are interfaces to around 50 different accounting software solutions.


How much does a phone call to the LEADING Job hotline cost?
Absolutely nothing.
Unlike some of our competitors, Qualiant does not charge for telephone support.


How much does it cost to use online or telephone support via the LEADING Job hotline?
Absolutely nothing.
In contrast to a number of our competitors, you can talk to us directly. And we don't charge you anything for telephone or online support. At your request we can connect to your computer in order to help you.


How and where does training take place?
You can choose to have training at our office in Vienna, or opt for online training using a Teamviewer virtual interface.


How do I get to benefit from updates?
We continually introduce improvements and innovations to LEADING Job, keeping it ahead of the pack when it comes to this kind of software. You can just let us know when you want to install a particular update.


What happens when I submit a service enquiry?
Every query is processed and resolved as soon as possible. If we can't solve your problem immediately, you will receive a ticket number by e-mail. As soon as the problem is solved, you'll get a message from us to let you know.


When can I contact software support for LEADING Job?
Our friendly, knowledgeable support team are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm. Calls to the hotline are free of charge.


What do I do if there's a technical disruption?
Technical support is also available outside office hours – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Do you maybe have additional requirements that are important to you and that you'd like to discuss?
Perhaps you want to say goodbye to your old software. What do you need to look out for, and what would the timetable for that look like?
Send us your question(s) – simply click on the "Send enquiry" button below, or if you want to include attachments, send an e-mail to u.schwarz@qualiant.at.

Checklist for pricing informationauf-/zuklappen

This is the information we need to prepare a non-binding quote for you

Please let us know the type and number of the licences you think you'll need (TimeSheetUser, ProjectUser and FullUser), and you'll receive a non-binding quote from us.


Feel free to base this on the brief example presented at the top of this page.

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