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LEADING Costing – say goodbye to guesstimates

The costs and profitability barometer for agencies
Developed with input from international agency networks, LEADING Costing is a cost management tool that gives a user-friendly overview of key indicators, analyses and trends. Real-time accounting data is automatically combined with campaign and project data as well as time logs.

Summary reports show actual and planned resource costs, the real profitability of each client and the trends behind the data.
“LEADING Costing is an important tool for managing your business. The information provided by this analytic tool is easy to understand, even for non-finance people This means you can have more profound discussions and use the data in your planning."
Informative reports for simplified planning
LEADING Costing provides detailed information on overall profitability, and can show a breakdown of individual cost centres and units. An integrated budgeting tool enables comparison of target and actual performance, and year on year comparisons at every level. The high quality, automatically generated reports give you clear, comprehensive insights. LEADING Costing is a valuable controlling tool that simplifies planning by highlighting key trends.

LEADING Costing is not the only option...
...but while some agencies trawl through countless tables for errors in their accounting, LEADING Costing users are already discussing results.

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