LEADING Job Release Note 19.10

Have you already discovered the new features of LEADING Job? Here you can find out which features we added or updated in October 2019.

In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.


1. New possibility to change agency

We have implemented the possibility to change the current agency in Periscope (similar as the well known function in the LJS desktop application):


2. New user interface for the user preferences

We have completely revised the user interface for the personal preferences of the employee:

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Cost Estimate

3. New option to preview CE from table of positions

It is now possible to preview a CE from the table of positions, while creating/changing a cost estimate:


4. New icons for the hierarchy buttons of the ordinal numbers

We have changed the icons for the hierarchy buttons to set the ordinal numbers of the positions (e.g. in a cost estimate) for better understanding of the "up in hierarchy" and "down in hierarchy":

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Project and Resource Management

5. Changes to the task dependencies when task is new

It is now possible to select the task dependencies immediately while creating a new task (before it is saved for the first time):

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6. New option to export reports as HTML

We have implemented the possibility to export all master data reports in Perisocpe in format HTML (in addition to Excel):


7. New behaviour for "blocked" and "inactive" at the master data reports

The behaviour of the former checkboxes "blocked" and "inactive" as a filter criteria for the reports in master data (clients, suppliers, also newly added for alternative addresses) has been changed.

They had been replaced by dropdown selections to cover all possible combinations:

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Contact LEADING Job Support

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