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Tutorial: improving organisation for your project meetings

See how you can perfectly prepare for your next project or team meeting with LEADING Job agency software – with comprehensive information that's accessible at the click of a mouse.


Length of tutorial: 5 clicks

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    Select "Team Overview" under "Project Management" in the left menu bar.
    This innovative overview ensures that your teams will have access to all the important information they need in meetings.
    With LEADING Job all information is complete and up to date both before and after meetings – without the need for manual changes.

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    You can choose whether the overview is for the whole agency or just selected teams.
    And with LEADING Job it goes without saying that employees can belong to multiple teams.
    The overview period is set to one week. You also have the option of selecting one month.
    By clicking "Refresh" LEADING Job will show you an overview of all the tasks assigned to all team members.

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    The left pane shows all of the team's tasks that have not been completed.
    To the right there's a calendar with a column for each day of the selected overview period.
    In the rows you can see the assigned tasks for each team member per day, as with the estimated number of hours they require.

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    Relevant details will appear when you hover over tasks, projects or employees with your mouse.
    Click on tasks, projects or staff members to make changes and allocations.


    Once you start using these unique features – not offered by any other software on the market – you'll find it hard to imagine working without them.

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    Note: resources can be more easily allocated to tasks if all projects that staff need to work on have been entered.
    LEADING Job makes it possible to plan at the click of a mouse – previously this would have involved a lot of communication and required a lot of discipline.
    With LEADING Job, information relating to multiple projects and people is kept up to date and distributed simply and clearly.

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