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Tutorial: overview of multiple projects

Assess the status of current projects and rank them by priority – as easy as pie with LEADING Job agency software.


Length of tutorial: 3 clicks

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    In the "Project report" area, you can see the status of both clients at a glance.
    For the first customer, Dunder Mifflin, action is required.
    The red traffic light under "Progress" indicates there is an issue with a deadline or inadequate resources.
    Click on the full-screen view (see circle in screenshot) to get detailed information.

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    You are now in an interactive report.
    With another click, on the arrow, you can reveal all the information.
    You can view all projects – current and past – for each client.

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    The "Profit" traffic lights on the far right indicate that all costs for the projects are within budget.
    The traffic lights in the "Progress" column indicate a few projects with issues.
    The current schedule and resources situation means that deadlines will not be met.
    LEADING Job continuously monitors projects and resources – so you don't need to make any updates manually.
    This means you can spot trends early and take action where needed while projects are ongoing.

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HOW-TO-Video: monitor projects at a glance

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