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Tutorial: move deadlines and adjust task time

See how easily you can change the time allocated for a task and reschedule it in LEADING Job agency software.


Length of tutorial: 8 clicks

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    You can tell from the blue bars that many of the tasks in this project are flexible.
    Flexible tasks are automatically rescheduled by LEADING Job agency software in response to changes.
    However, you can also see a fixed task in red – for which three days have been allocated.
    This now needs to be shortened to one day, and moved.

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    You can view information on the individual tasks by moving the mouse pointer over the bar and waiting briefly.
    Without clicking, the scheduled times for the beginning and end of the task are displayed.
    You can also see that this task is 0% complete or 100% incomplete, and which team members are responsible for it.

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    Move your mouse pointer to the outside edge of the red bar, in the dotted area.
    With the mouse button pressed, you can move the edge of the bar, changing the duration of the task.

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    Use this function to shorten the task from three days to one day:
    move the left edge of the task from 3 August to 5 August.
    And you're done. That's how easy it is to change the expected length of a task to one day.

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    LEADING Job agency software immediately calculates the consequences of this for all projects and all project team members.
    This change affects a number of staff and their tasks:
    the two team members responsible for the deadline now have time for new tasks on 3 and 4 August.

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    Screenshot 6 of 8

    However, the task doesn't only need to be shortened to one day – it also needs to be moved.
    After consulting with the client, the one-day task has been rescheduled to 9 August.
    To do this, move the mouse pointer not to the edge of the red bar, but to the middle.

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    Screenshot 7 of 8

    Holding the mouse button down, move the task to 9 August.
    While moving the task, the Gantt chart for your project adapts to your changes continuously.

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    Screenshot 8 of 8

    After you let go of the mouse button, LEADING Job analyses the new situation for all projects and staff.
    LEADING Job takes care of making the necessary updates to all projects and schedules, as well as task lists for all staff – because having to make changes manually eats up time and keeps you away from more important activities!

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HOW-TO-Video: move task dates and adjust task time (20 seconds)

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