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Tutorial: respond to a message and attach documents

See how easy it is to reply to a message in LEADING Job agency software and upload your own attachments.


Length of tutorial: 8 clicks

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    Screenshot 1 of 8

    Your colleague Cliff, a member of your team, sends you a message.
    To save space, LEADING Job initially displays only the first two lines.
    To see the whole message, click on the plus icon.

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    Now you can read the whole message, including attachments.

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    You decide to reply to the comment from Cliff and click on "reply".

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    You reply to Cliff with a short message, which you enter here.
    There are a wide range of options for formatting the text and changing paragraph settings.
    You can even include numbered lists and insert external links.

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    Screenshot 5 of 8

    You've already prepared four image files on your desktop.
    Now you want to upload them as attachments.

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    Screenshot 6 of 8

    You can attach files to any message you send.
    Here, all four files are selected on the desktop using the mouse, and brought into the browser window using drag and drop.
    This works for files of all kinds – texts, images, Excel sheets, code files, and audio or video clips.

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    Screenshot 7 of 8

    The four files are now being uploaded automatically.
    After this is complete, they are stored in the software's database, and can be deleted from the desktop if you don't need them there any more.

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    Screenshot 8 of 8

    A progress bar is displayed for each of the files during upload.
    As soon as the tick symbol is displayed, the file is saved in LEADING Job.
    This is an easy way to exchange and share files within a project team.
    You can also send messages to clients – for example so they can view a layout.

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HOW-TO-Video: respond to a message and attach documents (43 seconds)

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