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Tutorial: read a message with an attachment

read a message with an attachmentSee how easy it is to read a message and open attachments in LEADING Job agency software.


Length of tutorial: 7 clicks

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    Screenshot 1 of 7

    Your colleague Cliff, a member of your team, sends you a message.
    To save space, LEADING Job initially displays only the first two lines.
    To see the whole message, click on the plus icon.

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    Screenshot 2 of 7

    Now you can read the whole comment, including attachments.
    In the next screenshot, you'll see how to view exactly who the message was sent out to.

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    Screenshot 3 of 7

    With one click on the letter icon, all the recipients of the message are displayed, sorted by last name.
    In this example the list has 107 entries.

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    Screenshot 4 of 7

    Typically, the list of recipients of a message or discussion post contains your colleagues who are involved in the project.
    It is also easy to include suppliers and clients in a discussion.
    If they don't have access to LEADING Job agency software, you can include them by sending an e-mail.

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    Screenshot 5 of 7

    To the right of the letter icon, there's a diskette icon.
    Click on this to open up an overview of the message attachments.
    The overview slides in from the right of the screen.

  • /en/tutorials/003-check-project-memo-with-attachment/Screen-Shot-006.jpg

    Screenshot 6 of 7

    You can attach any type of file you like to a message post.
    They can be text, pictures, Excel sheets, code files, even audio or video clips.
    This message has just one attachment: an image file named "doc_blackboard.jpg".
    One click on the attachment opens the image.

  • /en/tutorials/003-check-project-memo-with-attachment/Screen-Shot-007.jpg

    Screenshot 7 of 7

    Because the browser can open this file type, it shows you the photograph of a blackboard in a new tab.
    If the file type is not supported by your browser, you can choose to download the file or open it using another installed program (e.g. a CAD application).

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HOW-TO-Video: Read a message with an attached image (28 seconds)

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