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Tutorial: Export timesheet report as a separate file

See how quickly you can generate an actual/budgeted hours analysis using LEADING Job agency software and export it as a file to use in other applications.


Length of tutorial: 8 clicks

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    In the menu on the left, you'll find the "Administration" section near the top.
    Depending on the settings and your authorisation, it opens up a number of different options.

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    Here you can see the option for the "hour analysis per job" report.

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    To analyse a project, enter the internal job number.
    The software prepares a report, comparing the actual hours spent on the project with the originally budgeted hours.

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    LEADING Job prompts you to export the report directly to an external application.
    Possibilities include Microsoft Excel and Numbers.

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    However, you choose the second option, to download the report.
    You can save the results of the analysis using "Save File".

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    The report is created within fractions of a second.
    The file containing your analysis is immediately saved in your download folder.

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    The software suggests a suitable file name that shows which job was analysed.
    You can now open, store or send the file.

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    The clearly structured report can even be viewed in preview.

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HOW-TO-Video: "Stundenauswertung exportieren" (29 Sek.)

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