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Tutorial: one-click timesheets with stopwatch

Find out how the stopwatch function in LEADING Job agency software lets you track time spent on a number of projects with just one click.


Length of tutorial: 4 clicks

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    In the menu on the left, you'll find a number of options under "Timesheet".
    Below "Timesheet Weekly", there's an option called "Stopwatch".
    This is the feature we will introduce here.

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    Imagine you have been spending time working on three jobs in your favourites, alternating between them.
    The first two are client projects.
    The third job is an internal task and is called "lunch with TV crew".
    The time spent so far is recording on that one.

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    After coming back from lunch, you start working on the first job.
    Select this job with just one click: its stopwatch will start running immediately.
    In the meantime, time spent on the third, internal job stays as it is: it can be continued or saved later.

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    Again with just one click, you reactivate the second job.
    At this point, projects one and three are both on standby.
    That's how easy time tracking can be –
    without having to constantly enter information such as an employee code, date or job.

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HOW-TO-Video: Time tracking with stopwatch (27 seconds)

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