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Tutorials overview agency software LEADING Job

LEADING Job agency software tutorials

These short tutorials introduce a number of popular features of LEADING Job agency software.
Step by step, with screenshots and explanations.

Tip: the tutorials are easy to print out, providing you with an ideal guide for your online demo.

Time tracking (2 examples)auf-/zuklappen

Track time with a stopwatch – in just one click

Multitasking – what we're all trying to do...


This example shows how simply and quickly you can switch between three different projects or jobs. You have direct access to your favourites, as well as the projects you've worked on recently.


Time tracking is necessary for almost all of us. It enables us to monitor project status and the underlying project planning. And in some cases time that is tracked goes directly into the bill.


Save yourself valuable administration time – since every click and every hundredth of second counts...

stop watch chess clock time sheet time tracking agency software LEADING Job

Analyse hours and export to Excel

Make it easy to call up statistics for analysis.


In this example, the hours tracked for a project are compared – divided up by the items in the quote and their planned or budgeted values.


The "Export" option allows you to export information to a file and use it in Excel.

reporting export excel statistics agency software LEADING Job

Team communication (3 examples)auf-/zuklappen

Real project communication instead of chains of e-mails

The communications module really makes LEADING Job agency software shine.


Instead of communicating using e-mails that are difficult to follow, members of the project team have their own chat forum for each project/job. Everyone involved in the project can exchange messages and information on progress here.


Even customers and suppliers can be included in communication.

message mail memo chat comment attachment document agency software LEADING Job

Share files with your team using drag and drop

In the communications module, you can use messages to distribute documents of any file type. They may be pictures, videos, presentations, PDFs or code fragments – the files are stored securely in the cloud.


It's easy to add files – you can drag and drop them into the message, e.g. directly from your computer's desktop into the browser.


And after the job is finished, the documents are still there – so LEADING Job agency software also becomes a document archive for completed projects.

commment mail message document upload attach agency software LEADING Job

Sharing links made easy

As well as managing and archiving documents, with LEADING Job agency software you can easily add and share documents using hyperlinks.


Comments, blogs, chats, enqueries and discussions can be used with any project. Even individual sub-tasks in a project can contain their own additional chat forum for specialised discussions.


This tutorial shows you the extensive range of options for formatting text and your message layout, and to incorporate text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

embed link Google-Docs share link agency software LEADING Job

Project management (2 examples)auf-/zuklappen

Shorten and reschedule a task with interactive scheduling

In project management, work packages and milestones are usually presented graphically in a Gantt chart.
Connecting lines illustrate links between different parts of the project.
The bar representing each task indicates its scheduled duration, as well as progress on the task so far, with part of the bar filled with a different colour.


LEADING Job agency software displays flexible tasks in blue – this means that if necessary the system reschedules these, for example pushing them back if there's a delay. The length of the bar shows the duration of the task, and the portion of the bar in dark blue indicates progress at a glance. Scheduled tasks with red bars are not flexible – for instance, meetings with clients that represent agreed milestones.


The tutorial shows how you can change the duration of a task and its scheduling using the mouse.


All the other tasks adapt to your changes automatically in seconds. With Qualiant, the software completely takes care of updating schedules continuously – so that users can focus on their own tasks instead.

reschedule meeting task shorten task  Gantt chanmge timing agency software LEADING Job

Call up a projects overview and sort by priority

This short tutorial shows how simple it is for project managers to get an overview of current and past projects, which can be sorted by a range of different criteria.


Project progress indicators show the current and forecast status with regard to meeting deadlines. The list of projects can be sorted according to whether a deadline will be easily met, or whether there is a critical situation.


Independent of this, the budget overview indicates whether real costs – e.g. for creative tasks, production or development – correspond with budgeted costs. Projects where actual costs are within budget are shown in contrast to those that are deviating significantly from budget.

project report deviation difference esimtae agency software LEADING Job

Resource management (2 examples)auf-/zuklappen

Better organise team meetings and task allocation

This feature of LEADING Job agency software is especially helpful:

Typically, in team meetings the current projects are discussed, new projects or modified tasks are allocated to team members, and tasks and resources are redistributed – ideally so that everything can be worked on in the most efficient way before the next meeting.


This analysis shows all of team's incomplete tasks on the left. The biggest space is taken up by a kind of calendar: here, each team member can see their tasks for the coming days or weeks, with one column for each day. New tasks that have not been allocated to anyone yet are displayed at the bottom of the list.


The benefit is that you can see at a glance, for example, which team member is in the best position to take on a new task to be done by the end of the week.


No other software on the market offers a similar overview: Excel sheets created manually that need to be updated by hand consume precious time and can often contain errors.


LEADING Job can prepare this list at any time in seconds, and it's always up-to-date.

Team task Meeting Calendar task allocation agency software LEADING Job

View staff workload and task assignment

LEADING Job agency software works in the background to continually monitor staff workload.


Workload is calculated using the difference between a team member's weekly working hours and the tasks they have been allocated for the week. For example, if someone has a 40-hour working week, a workload of 110% would mean they need to work 44 hours in order to meet all deadlines.


This is presented per team or per member of staff, ranked with the staff that have the highest workload at the top of the list.


The forecast, broken down into weeks or months, can be viewed up to a year in advance. This means, for instance, that bottlenecks which might occur in autumn can already be seen in good time, in spring.

staff workload employees FTE resource planning  agency software LEADING Job

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