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boarding the demo of the agency software LEADING Job

Boarding for LEADING Job agency software

We've got three things ready for you:

1. Guidelines and ideas

To inspire you for your demo tour, our tutorials give textbook examples of how to get started. We recommend you print these out now, as a guide for your demo.

2. Free telephone support

If you have questions you can contact us easily and free of charge – whether you're a customer or just interested in looking at the software.

Our friendly, knowledgeable support staff can be reached on +43 (0)1 503 6644.
The lines are open Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.

3. Your personal access data

You log in to the demo using your own personal user account. You can generate this account now on the following page – your login name is based on your actual name.


You'll receive your login name and password by e-mail.

Welcome to the demo

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