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Media buying – manage campaigns professionally with a clear overview

Due to the large number of complicated processes involved, media buying has become a specialist discipline within the advertising sector. Each individual activity or placement is interlinked with numerous other processes, so agencies place very high demands on professional software, expecting everything to run smoothly and transparently. You won’t be disappointed by LEADING Media.
Fewer routine operations, maximum security
Because LEADING Media, the media software from Qualiant, can access rate card data in LEADING MediaBase, the system can take over many tasks that otherwise have to be laboriously carried out manually – for example, finding special conditions for a campaign, or different rates for a certain time period. To put it another way, it isn’t enough for software just to be fast:  an intelligent buying tool reduces the number of routine tasks that need to be carried out, and offers maximum security at the same time.
Special functions to simplify a multitude of tasks
Functions for mass data operations, a feature of LEADING Media, are especially important when it comes to smoothing the media buying process. These functions deal with tasks that come up over and over again, easing workload and making processes more efficient. For example, the details for a print media ad only need to be entered once, and they can then be easily inserted into the calendar for later dates as required.
Summaries of complex, interrelated activities at a glance
If they want to conduct media buying intelligently and profitably, agencies and marketing departments need to ensure that the process is highly efficient, and put together a package of strategically planned placements so that the client achieves the results they expect. Agencies need to coordinate activities efficiently while maintaining a clear overview so that they too can profit from successful campaigns.
Process optimisation, automated cost control
In most cases, a legally binding order can’t be made without approval from the client and making sure that the order is covered financially. This needs to be confirmed during the hectic day-to-day operations of the agency, regardless of how well the planning has been done. LEADING Media plays a crucial role here. After conditions have been agreed with the publisher, the agency gets the final green light from the client. But before the order can be approved Qualiant’s media buying software checks whether there is actually an order from the client covering the same amount. The system also checks with accounting whether the order is within the internal credit limit, whether advance invoices have been issued and payment received, and that there isn’t a lock on the account. These safeguard checks need to be made by anyone active in media buying.
Keep one eye on the publishers
Qualiant’s software checks incoming invoices against the actual order details. The expected costs are compared directly with the costs actually billed – irrespective of how detailed these are. This makes a significant difference, because even publishers often have difficulty applying all of their own complicated conditions. LEADING Media regularly alerts agencies to incorrectly calculated invoices, saving money and frustration.
The ideal basis for negotiating better conditions
Agencies invest a lot of money in research, in user and reach data and in highly qualified research staff – who base their media plans on this information to create a crucial advantage for the client. In media buying, negotiating conditions plays just as great a role as volume. The better prepared your media buyers are – meaning the higher the quality of the information they have – the stronger the basis for negotiation. They can enter into discussions about conditions confident that they are well equipped.
Transparent transactions, as traceable as it gets
Transparency has always been a key issue in media buying. It’s important to every agency that work done is clearly traceable for all stakeholders and their representatives.  Large agencies often manage campaign budgets running into tens of millions of euros – they can’t allow mistakes to creep in. International agency networks have been at the forefront of increasing transparency, by introducing recognised, standardised procedures for processes that are commercially relevant– for which LEADING Media offers complete support. A good example is SOX compliance. This involves conforming to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, a United States federal law intended to improve the reliability of financial reporting by publicly traded companies in the US. LEADING Media provides the tools needed to prepare media audits in a timely fashion.
LEADING Media – a profitable solution, even for small operations
Long gone are the days when efficient media buying supported by professional software only saved large media agencies valuable hundredths of a second per transaction. Bigger agencies simply can’t function without a system like LEADING Media – the large quantities of data that need to be processed alone make it a necessity.  But today other organisations also benefit from using a specialised media solution, such as marketing departments or creative agencies who want to offer media services to clients alongside creative work. Even on a small scale, powerful tried and tested software like LEADING Media offers time advantages and quantifiable commercial benefits.
All of Qualiant’s clients, whether they are small, medium-sized or large companies, have one thing in common: by using LEADING Media and rate card database LEADING MediaBase, they have invested in the right partner for their media business. Because professionally supported media buying results in mistakes being reduced to a minimum, despite saving on human resources – generating impressive profits.

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