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Boost your performance with a smart agency workflow

Save time and money
A well-managed agency workflow doesn’t only save heaps of time, but above all, it saves you money. An agency workflow system is a software solution that incorporates all of the work processes that are carried out daily. It allows you to optimise all processes – meaning it can have an enormous influence on commercial success. Qualiant offers what is indisputably one of the most powerful systems of this kind.

Qualiant provides outstanding support to its clients. When implementing a new solution for a client, the Viennese software firm brings its industry expertise to the table to help improve processes. And in optimising an agency workflow, Qualiant can call on the know-how it has built up over decades.
“Optimised workflows can’t make money out of projects that aren’t profitable in the first place – but a poorly functioning agency workflow can turn a profitable job into a loss maker.
Ulrich Schwarz, Qualiant Software.
Financial success can be planned. Let LEADING Job do it for you.
Normally, internal and external costs are calculated before starting work on project, so that the commercial aspects of a project are planned. An optimised workflow is just as critical to the final result, regardless of whether a project is meant to generate profit in the first place or not (as may be the case with jobs that are taken on to acquire a new customer).

Doing a good job means presenting a result that satisfies the customer, within the set time and budget constraints. This is where Qualiant comes into play: a seamless, efficient agency workflow enables the agency to do this effortlessly, as well as improving information flows.

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