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LEADING Job: the professional tool for resource planning

Use resource planning to generate profit
In manufacturing, there’s a long-established principle: before making the first cut, producers of clothes or shoes use optimisation software to ensure they get the most out of their precious raw materials. The shapes and sizes of the various pieces required are defined and optimisation software creates the optimal cutting layout. Profitability hinges on their ability to cut all of the pieces from the raw material - a roll of fabric or large piece of leather - with the minimum of waste.  Careful and conservative use of a resource is more critical to profit the more valuable the resource is.

In services, the equivalent of this kind of waste is found in idle time – valuable working hours that are not used effectively, due to inadequate planning.

For agencies and related businesses in the knowledge and service sector, working hours are usually the most expensive commodity. Staff costs often make up half to three-quarters of total running costs. The success of a business depends heavily on intelligent resource planning – ensuring the optimal utilisation of staff time.
Ulrich Schwarz, Qualiant Software.
The success of your projects depends on the quality of execution
An especially successful shoemaker needs to have attractive products and good distribution. The price of a pair of their shoes has to remain consistent with a specific segment of the market. So regardless of how many shoes the shoemaker can sell, they will only generate a good income if they can use the valuable resources that go into making the shoes (leather and labour) more efficiently than the competition.
An agency also needs to have great ideas, and needs to attract clients to sell them to. And market rates apply to many agency services. Once the agency has found clients who need campaigns, strategies and solutions, it’s resource planning that decides, to a large extent, whether projects will make money.

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