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What criteria does project management software need to fulfil for today’s firms?

Jobs (which are actually processes, even when they’re called projects) always compete for resources – i.e., staff time. Only software that can take account of the workload and availability of staff required for a particular task can provide you with useful information on processes. As staff may be unavailable due to being occupied with other jobs, or for personal reasons (e.g. vacation or sick leave), it is essential that project software is aware of this and can incorporate it into planning.

Multi-process management – the only way to produce significant improvements
This technical term describes what LEADING Job can do that other software can’t. Unlike the solutions designed by competitors, agency software from Qualiant always gives you an overview of all jobs running in parallel (as processes).

LEADING Job supports management and ensures that all jobs being worked on at the same time can be completed on time and on budget. In practice, agencies usually have dozens of jobs in progress at any one time.

LEADING Job and Periscope – the only applications that offer properly optimised processes
Every member of staff (meaning every resource) receives a continually updated list of tasks to complete. The optimiser ensures that the tasks required for all current jobs are presented in the best order for them to be completed. In the background, without the user noticing, the task list is optimised based on the results of simulating tens of thousands of possible scenarios.

All of this shows that classic project management applications such as MS Project can only offer a partial solution: they only provide an overview of the current project and don’t take into account that staff may be busy with tasks for other jobs. That’s why typical project management solutions just aren’t the right tools for companies with numerous processes (or what you might call projects) running in parallel, and they are limited in how much they can help. They are also isolated solutions that aren’t integrated with business processes.
“Conventional software solutions usually just give you the option of pushing tasks into staff calendars which are often full of different colours, selling you a ‘drag-and-drop’ feature.  This really doesn’t have much to do with professional, useful resource planning. After a few weeks, the agency stops using the tool.
With LEADING Job, you won’t need to shunt calendar entries around any more. I’d be happy to show you the way we do things.”
Ulrich Schwarz, Qualiant Software.
Since 2011, LEADING Job has offered business process integration – the first multi-process management tool of its kind to do so. Designed with leading agencies and implemented for the first time by Qualiant.

Our competitors' software manages calendars, not projects!

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