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Why do agencies need project management?

Why are there so many unsuitable agency project management tools on the market? One possible reason is that the sector keeps on trying to use project management software to take the sting out of repetitive management tasks. In practice, agency tasks actually need to be understood as business processes – so what is needed is process management. For an agency to deliver a specific product within a defined budget, on time and to the agreed level of quality, it will have to work its way through a large number of similar tasks every day.
Ulrich Schwarz, QUALIANT“When it comes to project management, agencies keep on choosing unsuitable software. Effective process management is based on an understanding of the processes in a real agency, and provides a detailed overview of the demands being placed on resources. It is about so much more than dragging calendar entries around using a mouse.”
Ulrich Schwarz, Qualiant Software.
Often confused: project or process?
The crucial difference is that processes – in contrast to projects, such as building a house – involve performing the same task repeatedly. In principle, a process always follows a similar pattern, and is therefore is usually executed the same way many times. Examples include designing an advertisement or a website, or organising a press conference.

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