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Watch your profits grow with our agency solution

What should a really good solution for agencies be able to do?
An effective software solution for agencies must reflect the processes and tasks within an agency as comprehensively as possible – and optimise them. The same applies to solutions for other project-orientated organisations that want to run their businesses in line with modern standards of management. And ideally the technology should run quietly in the background.

The bigger picture
One of the basic requirements of an efficient agency solution is that it can automate business processes. Quotations, orders, time tracking, invoices, analyses, budgets, accounting and controlling all need to be coordinated seamlessly. But Qualiant interprets the coverage of a solution for agencies even more broadly: we believe that document management, staff and resource planning and digital communication with suppliers and clients should all be included as standard.
“A really useful agency solution incorporates professional information management and flexible data architecture as a matter of course. If needed, the system communicates well with clients’ or suppliers’ systems, and survives every passing trend in software or hardware.”
Ulrich Schwarz, Qualiant Software
An agency solution has to be extremely flexible and able to communicate with other systems. In practice, this means:
  • Integration of Office documents
  • 100% reliable compatibility with various bookkeeping systems
  • Direct interaction with client and supplier systems when carrying out processes
  • Handling diverse technical requirements
  • Flexibility to adapt according to the situation
  • Maximum performance (for desktop computers) and maximum mobility (for iPad)

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