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Relax - our agency management software looks ahead for you

Resource management from Qualiant shows the project manager all of the following at one glance:
  • Which project is the most urgent right now?
  • Which tasks are allocated to someone who currently can’t work on them, and who has capacity to take them over?
  • Which projects are in danger of missing the agreed deadline?
  • Which customers/suppliers urgently need to provide input/deliver work?
  • In which projects does the project manager need to intervene directly, in order to meet the deadline?
  • When can you expect a project to be completed, given the current circumstances?
  • When is the latest that work has to begin on a project?
  • How has the whole project gone from a commercial point of view? The project blog provides detailed information.

And all of this can of course be viewed on your iPad, when you’re on the move.

Utilise free capacity better - even between different offices
The resources module allows you to utilise free capacity better, even between different offices. Qualiant’s resource planner allocates a priority level to all jobs automatically, and puts completion dates in an optimised order. If tight deadlines, squeezed resources or an excessive amount of time consuming coordination start to cause potential problems, Qualiant’s resource planner handles them with ease.

Resources are allocated intelligently, meaning that campaigns can be executed profitably. In parallel to this, all processes are fully documented, so it’s easy to look back over what was done at any time.
“An agency environment is highly dynamic. Resource planning isn’t only about implementing projects. Many work processes crop up over and over again. What is really important is that all of an agency’s resources are integrated in such a way that all processes – including those that are often repeated – run smoothly.”
Ulrich Schwarz, Qualiant Software.
Too colourful, too complicated?
Most competing software applications can only be used to provide some sense of orientation – like a map, they give you a broad overview. Qualiant does things differently, relieving the burden on project managers by giving you specific suggestions for solving problems. Efficient resource management is much more than putting tasks for staff into multicoloured calendars. If deadlines or responsibilities can be manually inserted into a calendar, the system only works on superficial level. This can result in chaos – for example, if various staff need to make entries for the same date in a designer’s calendar. With Qualiant, that doesn’t happen.

Optimising recurring processes
There are a number of special planning tools on the market that are ideal for presenting an overview of complicated scenarios. However, in most cases they are only useful for large-scale one-off projects. And what's more, this kind of software almost always fails to take the specifics of day-to-day agency life into consideration. The biggest opportunity for most service sector firms lies in optimising processes that are repeated.

An end to job gridlock
Qualiant’s intelligent resource management is designed specifically to meet the demands of a modern working process as best as possible. Like a GPS navigation system, it makes sure that the account manager reaches their destination – successful and efficient delivery of the job.

The software shows you what’s most important, taking only seconds to update the status, and always has solutions ready – and not only when bottlenecks occur in extraordinary circumstances.

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