How you can contact us

Dear customers!

Welcome to the new normality! We deal responsibly with the regulations of the phase 2. Therefore, we offer our employees the choice of continuing to work from home or returning to the office.

Our support team is reliably there for you both at home and in the office. We will continue to provide you with the best possible support. Inquiries are received by e-mail and forwarded to the right contact person, whether in the office or at home.

Please direct your e-mail enquiries to our designated team addresses and, if you wish, to your usual contact persons as well.


The corresponding team addresses are:

The lockdown period has shown how important good crisis planning is in a company. Remote Work has become the norm in all departments, from development to support to management, customer care continues as usual and the IT systems of our cloud customers are all in full operation.

Stay healthy!

The Qualiant Team