LEADING Job Release Note 20.1

Have you already discovered the new features of LEADING Job? Here you can find out which features we added or updated in January 2020.

In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.


1. Moving positions to non-chargeable for overhead clients

Mistakes should not happen, but unfortunately they do from time to time. So it is good to have an easy way to fix them. It is now possible to move external and media typed positions (both in the desktop client and the web application Periscope) for overhead clients from chargeable to non-chargeable.
This will be helpful, if overhead positions have been set to chargeable by mistake, or have been copied from another client while it has been forgotten to remove the flag for "chargeable".

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2. Master Data: Switch from "weekly" to "daily working hours for employees

Be more accurate in planning your part-time and flexitime workers' schedules: To allow a more accurate type of working hour schedule for employees, and to get a better overview on the time reporting (i.e. if a user is just working for 30 hours per week from Monday to Thursday), we have switched from "estimated weekly working hours" to "daily working hours".
It is now possible (at the employees master data – tab "agency data") to set an amount of hours for each day (from Monday to Sunday) separately.

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Periscope - General

3. New possibility to use a multi factor authorization (MFA)

You want your data to be secure. We do, too. To further improve the security of Periscope (especially when used outside a VPN) we have introduced the ability to use multi factor authorization (MFA).

If you want to activate it, you can do it for each single employee at his/hers master data at the tab "general" at the "allow login" section by flagging the checkbox "multi factor authorization".

If the checkbox is flagged and the user is saved, the user will get the usual login window for Periscope, but there will be a new, additional field to enter a validation token, which will be sent automatically via e-mail to the login user:

You will now receive the token via e-mail and you need to use it for the login.
After a token has been active, it will be valid for the user until it expires.
In the meantime you can login using you user code and password as usual.

Within the system settings it is possible to set how many days a token will be valid for the login:

After the end of validation for the current token, a new token will be automatically sent to the user via e-mail as soon as the user tries to login to Periscope.

Important: If you want to activate Periscope for the use in the world wide web, please contact our support team: job.support@qualiant.at

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4.  "Switch to another user" link moved (only for local admins)

Your are the local admin? Then this is for you! The function "Switch to another user", which is only available for local administrators, as well as members of the Qualiant support team, has been moved from the "Administration"


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Periscope - Time Sheets

5. New way to administrate your list of time sheet jobs

Your list of time sheet jobs is growing and growing, and you are losing track of it? Get back on track with our latest feature.

Periscope will now ask you to automatically maintain your list of jobs for the future. The question will appare while entering the time sheets for the first time after an update. If you want Periscope to do it, you need to click "Be smart for me":

If you agree, Periscope will automatically reset your job list to (default) all jobs which have been in use by you within the last 60 days and/or up to a list of 25 jobs.

If there have been 40 jobs in use within the last 60 days,Periscope will display all 40 jobs (despite the setting of 25).

These values can be set by yourself at your "user preferences" (you can also turn on the automatic maintainance at a later point if you had clicked the "Get me out" button):

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6. New way to add jobs to the time sheet list

Tired of switching pages to find your jobs for the time sheets?

We have increased your comfortability and added the new button "add job" to the display options at the list of weekly timesheets:

It is now possible to choose from three options:

  1. Text search: Directly search for text parts of a job name to get a list to select a job from.
  2. Campaign selection: Choosing this options you get the jobs of a campaign to be added to your list at the weekly timesheets.
  3. Last recently used jobs: The third possibility " will automatically reduce your list to the latest jobs in use and remove everything else from the list.

The new option is also available at the "favourites" in "stopwatch".

The old page "my job favourites" has been removed from Periscope.

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Periscope - Job

7. New column "hypothetical sales price" for detailed hours

Everything you always wanted to know about spent time on a job, but were afraid to ask? To get a better overview and a possibility to compare the "planned/budgeted/offered" total value of hours with the hypothetical sales total of "already spent" hours (no matter if the spent hours are chargeable or non-chargeable) at a hour position, we have introduced a new column.

The new column is called "Hours det. SP hypothetical" and can be added at the job header in Periscope, as well as in the desktop application:

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8. New colums for purchase prices for hours and external positions

Financial controllers will be happy to see costs now displayed in a more detailed way. In prior versions it has only be possible to review the real purchase price for costs (combined for already spent hours x internal hourly rates + value of external & media positions, already in an approved SI).

We have now introduced two new columns at the job header level to separate these two costs.
This should give the user a much better overview on the state of the "already real" costs per job:

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Periscope - Project and Resource Management

9. Checkbox "Can be started" has been renamed and changed behaviour

We have renamed the checkbox "Can be started" to "Show all tasks".

The checkbos is located at the Periscope widget "Current tasks".

  • The old behaviour if flagged was: Reduce tasks to show just what can be started.
  • The new behaviour if flagged is: Expand to all tasks, irrespective if they can be started or not):

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